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Big Club News – New Manager for the 6’s!

January 3, 2018 News

Manager News

Some big news to brighten your otherwise dull festive period at the half way point of the season. Simon Quinn has stepped down as 6’s manager, and is replaced by Elliott Howarth-Johnson with immediate effect.

I’d like to firstly thank Quinny for all his hard work filling in as 6’s manager. He started off the season injured and agreed to help out the club by taking the reigns of the 6’s after Ryan Sketchley, but after a swift comeback was able to help the team on the field as well as off it. He leaves the 6’s in good health, with a great chance to clinch promotion having only lost 1 league game so far. Quinny can now concentrate on playing.

I am delighted to announce Elliott taking up the reigns. A stalwart of the 6’s, he is also I believe top scorer in the whole club and so will prove a talismanic leader by example on the field and a top leader off it. Please everybody help Elliot out as much as we can, especially those playing for the 6’s.

Clubman News

Why no clubmen of the month so far this season? Well, I had not forgotten nor stopped appreciating everyone’s amazing hard work, however sometimes the old admin slacks off especially when you have the wedding admin (AKA wedmin) to contend with. . Speaking of wedmin, massive congratulations to 2’s manager Jamie Arkell on his recent engagement!


Back to pre-season and I would like to recognise a new member of the committee who joined the fold – Colin Paterson. Colin has done a brilliant job of organizing training as well as ensuring the trials ran smoothly over the summer which is always essential.


He may have buggered off on holiday for 2 weeks to leave me in the fixturing lurch but Stu Jordan is awarded clubman for August for his tireless efforts as Fixture Secretary, especially organzing pre-season friendlies which he had not done last year – and I can tell you this is probably the single biggest ball ache of a job of anyone in the entire club! I can count the errorbombs on only one hand, which is pretty decent considering the phenomonal amount of copy and pasting Stu has to do on a weekly basis. He has also stepped in as 6’s manager on a few occasions, extra work especially on a Friday night on top of fixture organisation duties. The ‘ctrl’ & ‘C’ keys on his laptop will soon begin to fade.


Its not just committee members who help make the club great, but everyone including all players. Turning up to training, being available week in week out, and importantly not dropping out last minute, and turning up on time with the right attitude. Nathaniel Takyi-Berko embodies this. Regularly at training, he set the tone early in the season with his great attitude and top performances on the pitch. Always one to help out on clubhouse duty as well with a stint behind the bar and sweeping the changing rooms. He has done stints in goal for his side, and even reffed a game!


The club recognises Simon Quinn’s hard work in not only stepping in as 6s manager but also helping out at training, often assisting Colin with admin and taking coaching sessions. Its been a massive help, so cheers Quinny – and we hope you continue to help out at training.


The day Morris Macdonagh leaves the committee will be an extremely sad day, but one that will never come as I won’t let him!! Mozza does an immense amount behind the scenes, he has won clubman of the year before, but his great work carries on. He did a tremendous amount of work over the summer ensuring a smooth transition of our Finance Team personnel, as well as helping out at the clubhouse. Dragging nets all the way to the far pitch 2 hours before the game when he isn’t even playing! #commitment!


The highlight of the month was not my hat trick against Selhurst (although subsequent injury was the lowlight) but in fact came later that evening at the OTs Christmas Party! Everyone who attended will agree it was a great night, centered around an amazing QUIZ which included some quite brilliant (and hard) spot the balls and ridiculous quotes, as well as re-visiting video clips of ‘Ryco’s chip’, ‘Moateys Header’ and a certain someone’s terrible corner (wasn’t even windy FFS). Therefore Sam Pinney and Doyle D’Mellodeservingly win the December award! Their work has only just begin though, with a Spring Social, Awards Day, and Summer Tour already being planned – so watch this space!

Looking forward to our renewed assault on the league and cups on Saturday!!!!

Thank you to all of the above and all of you Old Thorns who make this the best amateur club in London!


Old Thorns Chairman