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Brent 1-4 Old Thorns 6’s (07/10/17)


Unlike most Saturday mornings where I’m rushing to the laundrette to get my kit dry or having to put up with the shite of some young internet goon on Fifa 18 online, I prepped the night before (I know I should employ this method more often) so I could spend time watching my niece represent Croydon District girls in Football… #inspiration.

Anyway, getting to Brentford was more drama than I had anticipated! With the proposed 1hrs 1min drive turning into a 2and half hour journey (thank you Apple for your help!) I was sweating ‘Shamrocks’ getting there late for a number of reasons… most notably a bollocking from Niall Quinn’s little brother… Simon… who is not the man to cross!!
Suffice to say the luck of the Irish was truly with me as I made it there before the Gaffa!!

Driving into the ground and getting to pitch was like going on an urban safari with Sir David Attenborough. Once you’ve navigated the dirt track and wild bushes you have to cross ‘under’ the M4 to get to your pitch wasn’t my idea of ‘Highway to Success’ who was I to know how the day would unfold.
So to match!

First 20mins with solely 6 regulars was some of the best football we played. Training is obviously paying off as we were transferring Si’s philosophy to the pitch with devastating effect!
1St goal, some brilliant interchanging play on the left hand side saw Pedro, who before the game did the tour de London to get the match, cut back a brilliant ball back to the penalty spot after a great near post run from Luca Toni’s unrelated brother (Elliot) who created the gap and I ran onto the ball to hit it low in the bottom left 0-1 with 5 mins played if that.

2nd goal came like 3 mins later. I honestly cannot remember all the fact of the move (we were creating goal scoring chances every time we attacked!) but I believe ‘Bionic’ Pedro hit a shot across goal from a cross and both E. Toni and I ran to basically steal Pedro’s thunder with Elliot being successful in beating me and remain top Goal Scorer with 4 for the 6’s! 0-2!
3rd goal.. well again credit where credit is due Si’s training again paid off as we continued to carve open the Brent defence and with great play across the midfield Ben ‘Zidane’ Cary crossed in a low ball into the 6 yard box for me to slot home an easy 3rd goal for the 6’s 0-3!

We then began to take our foot off the gas little, still retaining control but not as cutting as the first 20 mins… but the score line reflected our dominance at half time.

I’m not sure what we happened at half time but the 2nd half wasn’t our best! It was only due to the ineptitude of their limited front line that they didn’t take any of the chances in the opening 20 mins of the 2nd half. It was like Christmas come early as we gifted them far too many opportunities to create and score.

By 70 mins my job was done and I came off for Gabriel. Only a few min’s later ‘Zidane’ put in the 4th and pretty much wrapped up the game.
But for sloppy retention of the ball we conceded a consolation goal, which they didn’t deserve and we really should have done better with!!

Got to shout out Si Quinn! He’s been brilliant this year and his training has played a major factor in boosting everyone’s fitness (most notably mine) and our game management. The 6’s for the first time in a while seem like a close knit bunch and our results are showing the work we are putting in!!

Match report by Nathaniel Tokyo-Berko