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London, UK

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Old Thorntonians

LOB Senior Cup Saturday 7 October @ 1:30 pm Old Wokinginians

OT’s ventured into the depths of Surrey to take on a very defiant Old Wokingians team. Strong in the tackle and Rugby (esq) it was sure to be a fiercely contested cup…contest. T’s had historically struggled against an often well organised Woking side which posed many questions. Would we win? Would Musa ever lose a header? Would Boro ever stop running? Would Jarvis ever stop screaming at his team mates? The stage was set.

The boys from SW London arrived at the ground in high spirits and on time. All with the exception of Josh SJ who decided to set his alarm clock to Australian time and strolled up just before the start.

The game kicked off with T’s shaped in a 433 formation, kicking from right to left which was always going to happen at some point because football is a game of two halves. Early exchanges saw Ogunyemi’s men enjoy the majority of possession and dominate play. The tempo was fast, communication was good. We were off to a flyer!

As the clock struck 20 mins, a long ball was played from the midfield up to Mark (hold the ball up) Hodges, who…held the ball up. With the oppo centre half climbing on his back, Mark stood strong, shook his man off like a rag doll and laid the ball off to Jarvo, who had the CHEEK to cut inside and let one RIIIIIIIIP from the edge of the box. The ball hurled through the air like a Lambo fresh off the production line and hit the post before rustling the net. 1-0 to the visitors. Bang. Ave dat!

The game steered towards half time and the onions soaked up the pressure, limiting the home team…to a limited amount of chances. *Vocabs limited.

The two teams headed in for the 15 minute respite.

Deji’s half time talk was full of praise for his team who put on a very positive 45 minute display. But as I have already stated, football is a game of two halves and the gaffer made no bones about telling the team that the same was required for the remaining 45 minutes.

Couple of changes. Edson, have a well earned rest son. Boro, get involved son. Hodges, take a breather mate, you’ve put a shift in. Josh, you awake yet fella? Get yourself on.

The ref blew to get the second half under way, with the boys in Blue and Black kicking from…you guessed it, left to right.

The onions started the second half in similar fashion. Committed in every challenge, winning the 50/50’s and mixing it up with style and flair. And that early enthusiasm soon proved fruitful when Josh (aka snoozy J) cracked a spectacular half volley, Marco Van Basten style, emphatically into the side netting (on the inside of the goal). Beautiful finish and good to see you’re awake. 2-0 to the T’s. Big tings a gwarn.

The game proceeded with T’s applying the same guile, endeavour and dogged persistence which only added to the frustration of the home team. ‘’They keep on knocking but they can’t come in’’. Brick wall central. See ya later.

With 10 minutes left on the clock the ball was played into Woking’s box and bounced around like nobody’s business. Left, right, up and down before falling to the feet of Mark, I’ll never stop running, Rowntree fruit pastille, who fired with ferocious pace from 6 yards, off the bar and into the net. 3-0 to the men from SW15. Every ting lock arrrf..

A great win for the travelling team, which must be, and will be, built on next week when Woking take a trip to the REMPF for a beat down in the league. Well played boys. A solid performance from everyone. Goo orn the T’s!

Match report by MoM – Ashley Mayers…Just sayin’


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