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Old Thorntonians

South 7 League Saturday 14 October @ 1:00 pm Old Thorntonians

It was a big day for the 6s fledgling season. After a four game unbeaten run to start the season, which
included 3 wins, the 6s faced the steamrolling Witan 3s team who had scored nearly 20 goals in their
first 3 games.

The day didn’t start that great, Gabriel, so happy with last week’s win against Brent went out to play
against them again. I got the confused call about 30 mins before kick-off to ask why none of us were
there. Well because we are playing against Witan Gabriel.

Next disaster to befall us was a warm up injury to the in form Pedro, his day was done before it even
began. Further disaster struck again when last week’s man of the match and two goal hero Nathaniel
bowed out of the game through injury after 10 minutes.

OT’s stuck to their usual brand of passing football, using the ball well and playing in and out of the
midfield. However the possession we had could not be turned into decent chances.
Witan are a good side especially through their counter attacking football and it didn’t take them long
to make this count. 15 minutes in a through ball for their quick forward saw him slot the ball by
Hugo as he advanced.

They added a second about ten minutes later through a number of mistakes made by the midfield and
defence. Hugo also had to make a couple of good saves uin the first half which kept us in the game.
At the other end the football was still decent and Evan had a couple of chances from range. We also
had a couple of half chances from crosses and corners but to no avail.
The second half started badly again for OTs with an error from corner leaving OTs 3 down. We
pressed as much as we could and played some good football with Hiro and Gabriel workings well on
the wings and Ben carrying the ball well in the middle. However we weren’t creating clear chances
and the attacking left holes in behind. Witan exposed these with their pace and scored 2 more on the

OTs did get a conciliation goal with about 15 minutes to go. Quinny picked the ball up from Josh at
the edge of their box, carried for a coupler of yards and then played a through ball to Elliot between
the full back and centre half. Elliot was away and cut across the defender as he entered the box
before being taken down. Quinny stepped up to narrowly squeeze the ball under the keeper to the
bottom right.

We did have a number of chances and half chances to make the game more respectable but these
were squandered.
We have the same opposition in the cup quarters next week and we will have to be a lot better
defensively to progress.

Match Report by Simon Quinn

Witan 5 - 1 Old Thorntonians

  • Saturday 14 October 2017 @ 1:00 pm
  • South 7 League 
  • Old Thorntonians
Gabriel Bostan

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