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Old Pauline 2-3 Old Thorns 2’s (16/09/17)

The 2’s looked to carry on their great start to the season with a cup game against old Pauline 2’s.

The dressing room was in good spirits prior to the match the Afro beats were flowing much to the bemusement of the Cornish lads in the room, they had asked ash for Coldplay, he denied their requests.

The gaffer opted for a 4-3-3 formation straying away from our usual 5-3-2 due to the absence of Ali Morris.

The first ten were pretty much a stalemate but Ts were just warming into the game. 15 minutes in a superb flick on from Robbo saw the ball loop high in the air, I watched it the whole way catching it on the volley into the bottom right corner, 1-0 Ts!

Ts football began to pick up we were playing some good stuff, ten minutes after the first robbo saw himself through on goal but fluffed his lines, the ball popped back out to me from an angle, one touch and I hit it into the roof of the net, 2-0 Ts!

Half time struck and the gaffer hit us with a grilling we should have been 6-0 up. You have to blame laidler and Robbo’s finishing on this occasion.

We started slow off the blocks and found ourselves pegged back from a corner which looped into an unmarked player at our back post, 2-1.

No less than 5 minutes later the exact same goal struck again 2-2, Ts left stunned.

We pretty much dominated from this point, another fantastic run from laidler down the wing saw one of his crosses actually meet someone this time. A cool, calm and collected finish from OG into the top corner 3-2, game over.

Match report by Keaton Cohen